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Bali Convention 2017

June 2 - 4
"Key To Freedom"

The 17th annual Bali Area Convention of NA is on June 02-04, 2017. Our theme is "Key to Freedom". Now is a good time to book your cheap plane tickets. We would love to share the spirit of recovery with fellow recovering addicts from all over Indonesia and the rest of the world. Bali is a spectacular vacation spot with people traveling from all over the world to visit this mystical, magical locale. The Balinese are a vibrant, celebratory and alive culture and the Island offers volcanos, beach, scuba, Yoga, world class surfing and a variety of culinary experiences to titillate the senses. As for recovery Bali Style, you'll meet guys and girls from all walks of life who are clean in NA, working the NA program.

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Convention Contact Information

English Speaking

Telephone: +62 (878) 6183-2648

Indonesian Speaking

Telephone: +62 (896) 1081-6510

Russian Speaking

Telephone: +62 (812) 4619-6200

Last update: 12 October 2017

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